Blog#2 The origin of Gold. It's magical!


Welcome to this second blog of Chula Jewellery! In this blog I will explain briefly how gold was created. I am sure this will surprise you and most people have no idea!

When you read this story, you suddenly look at your golden jewellery in a different way, you will understand why gold is such a special material and used to be a status symbol or maybe still is a status symbol :).

Gold did not originate on the earth itself, but in the universe! Did you know? Creating gold requires an enormous nuclear fusion through a very large mass (our sun is even too small for it) that we as humans cannot imitate.



When a large star explodes, called Supernova, or two large stars collide, the outer layers of the star or stars will be blown away. In those outer layers we find gold.


                                                                                                                                       Planet Earth


This gold and other parts are thrown into the universe and roam like dust. When the dust parts enter the gravitational field of a star like the Sun during the formation of planets, the dust parts become part of a clumped whole that eventually forms a planet. So gold has been on Earth since the birth of our Planet Earth, 4.56 billion years ago. Unbelievable special how far this material has traveled, isn't it? I got even more appreciation for gold after knowing this. Don't you?


Because humans cannot imitate this process and therefore cannot make gold, gold always retains its value. That is why, in the time we are in now, the Corona crises, and the associated uncertain market, a lot is invested in raw materials such as gold. So if you need a good excuse to buy a nice piece of golden jewelry ...;).

I hope you like this blog. Feel free to let us know your comments in the reviews below!






E. Brouwer/ Chula Jewellery
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