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1 Orders
1.1 Can I cancel my order?

We always process orders very quickly. If your order has not yet been processed, you have the option to cancel. Let us know via [email protected] If your order is already in the processing process and can no longer be canceled, please consult our return policy.

1.2 How can I exchange?

If you want to exchange your order for something else you can order your new item via our website and return your previous item according to the general return policy and this will also be paid back according to the general policy. Remember that you have to pay your new item in advance.

2 Track&Trace
2.1 I cannot find any tracking of my package after entering my Track&Trace code?

Most likely the delivery company has not yet processed the Track & Trace code and this will happen soon. Look again the next working day.

2.2 I did not receive my package after shipment and Track & Trace also doesn´t give clarity?

Please contact us, [email protected], after two working days and we are happy to help you with this.

3 Maintenance Jewellery
3.1 How do I maintain my jewellery?

Prevent damage / scratches.

Your jewellery is made for daily use. We recommend that you remove your rings and bracelets when used intensively with your hands. This prevents damage and scratches to the jewellery.

We advise you to take your jewellery off before you go to sleep so you don´t get caught in something that may possibly suffer damage, stretching or breaking the jewellery.

In our collection we use natural stones such as Coral and Turquoise. Never spray perfume directly on these stones and take off these jewellery with cleaning so they don´t come into contact with chemicals like chlorine etc. Please also pay attention with using hairspray. 

Store your jewellery in a good way, separately from each other so that they cannot scratch each other and remain beautiful.

Check diamond settings.

Have the settings of your jewellery checked once a year by your goldsmith / jeweler in your area. That way you know for sure that the diamonds in your jewellery are still in the right place. If there is wear or a loose settlement, you will be there on time. This way you prevent losing the diamond!

Cleaning diamond.

Due to soap, cream or fat from the skin, wearing your jewellery can make the diamond look a little dull. To keep them beautiful, you can immerse a piece of jewellery in lukewarm soapy water with mild soap. Then polish the dirt off the stone with a soft toothbrush. Make sure you use a new toothbrush, an old toothbrush can contain traces of toothpaste that scratches your stones. Then rinse your jewellery well.

4 Ring size
4.1 How do I measure my ring size?

Here are a few ways to find out.

1.Do you have a ring that fits well?

Take this ring.

Measure the diameter of the inside of the ring with a ruler (so do not include the edge).

Take this number of millimeters and see in the table which Chula ring size you have.



Chula ring size Diameter in mm Outline in mm USA ring size
44 14 44 3
46 14,5 46 4
48 15,25 48 5
50 16 50 5,5
52 16,5 52 6
54 17,25 54 7
56 18 56 8
58 18,5 58 8,5


2. Don't you have a ring that suits you well?

Take a string, ribbon or thin strip of paper. It is important that the tool that you use is not too wide because it affects the outcome.

Twist the string around your finger where you want your ring. Keep in mind that it must still be able to slide over your knuckle.
Draw a line where the tool meets.
Lay the tool flat and measure the number of millimeters up to the line with a ruler.
This is your Chula ring size


Some advice:
If you are in doubt between two sizes, then take the largest size to be sure.

Measure your ring size if your hands have a normal temperature. When your hands are warm, your fingers are swollen, so wider. When your hands are cold, your fingers shrink and are therefore thinner.



3. Receive the ring sizer

The ring sizer is a strip specially developed to measure your ring size.


  • Step 1: Put the loop on your finger.


  • Step 2: Tighten the loop (where the ring should be placed around your finger) to the size that the ring should fit properly. Note that the loop can still be slid over your knuckle, just like a ring.


  • Step 3: Read your size ring.


The ring sizer can be used several times.



* When placing an order, the costs of the ring sizer will be settled with you.*

Please note that only the cost for the ring sizer will be settled, not the delivery costs.

Click here if you would like to receive the ring sizer.