14K Solid Gold

Solid Gold

The jewellery industry is overflowing with plated, gold filled, vermeil and all kinds of terms that mask their true meaning. We do not participate and only use high-quality solid gold and diamonds.

With solid gold you do not have the problem that the colour wears off. It will not irritate the skin and the gold will not change colour. Even after years of use.

Chula has jewellery that is timeless and durable.


14 Carat Gold

All our jewellery weighing more than 1 gram has been tested on 14 Carat gold by De Waarborg (Hallmark) in Gouda, the Netherlands. This can be seen by the small 585 sign (which stands for 14K gold) that is in your Chula jewellery. This way you are guaranteed that you are buying the right quality.

The carat gold indicates the percentage of pure gold that is used in the jewellery or object. 24 Carat gold is 100 percent fine gold. But because gold is a soft material, it cannot be used to make jewellery or other objects. These objects would bend or break very quickly. That is why gold, for making jewellery and objects, is always mixed with other metals to solidify the material, so that it can be processed into a piece of jewellery.
For jewellery of 14 carat gold, it contains 58.5% fine gold (hence the 585 mark); the rest consists of metals such as copper or silver. The color of the jewellery can be yellow gold, rose gold or white gold.